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10:42pm 25/01/2013
Aaron Trumm
hi i'm just typing. much of what news there is right now is not what i want to discuss this second but hi. i thought i might type and type while i hear a little Krishna Das. om nama shivaya!

i'm at my mom's house. i'm on a little vacation. a little rescue of aaron to rivendell, as it were. i'm in her study on her laptop and i've been in this chair since about 5. (ok yes i got up to pee).

i watched Blue Planet #1 and I watched another one about birds of paradise. David Attenborough and all the natury yayness. I love that stuff and it's comforting. then i watched Jeff Who Lives At Home and that was actually really neat.

i ate kitcheri and all heathy natural fries from Annapurna. my mom brought 'em to me right in front of the puter.

i'm not going home tonight. i may not even go to team practice at kung fu even though next weekend is dress rehearsal for the big new year! i can do what i do for that show in my sleep so it's ok. they'll adjust. they'll understand. or i'll go and it'll be fun. i love our practices and performances.

i'm glad to be alive! i love the people in my life they are incredible and generous and beyond the pale in their love and support.

i love my cats - Ziggy comes and sleeps with me at night. he gets curled up right smack dab against my butt or legs and kinda crowds me. but no matter how much i squirm or roll over or kind of use the blankets to move him around he just remains in his little ball all night. then when i wake up he sits up and blinks and maybe starts trying to attack my fingers through the covers, if i mess with him.

things in this room are making noise. my o2. a dvd replicator that is replicating hundreds of dvds. a humidifier fan. although i can't hear that over the other things. i like it. the peaceful noise is comforting. most people would say white noise. i'm an audio engineer so i can't bring myself to call it that cuz that's not what it is :)

a master has just returned from the mastering engineer of one song the band and I intend to submit to the New Mexico Music Awards. we'll be sharing soon :)

"I didn't want to fight any more. I just wanted to move the sword like dancing."
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02:11am 28/01/2013 (UTC)
Silvia: Ruby Slippers
Enjoy your down time!
picword: Ruby Slippers
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12:34pm 02/02/2013 (UTC)
outsdr: Dalek Longcat
Cats. Cats are nice.
picword: Dalek Longcat
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